Thermostat Controls for Poultry Operations

Thermostat Controls for Poultry Operations

TSI Poultry offers a variety of thermostat control options for commercial chicken house and poultry operations across the South. View our top selling thermostat controls below and request a quote.

EVENTHERM TH-4-20 Thermostat

The TH-4-20 thermostat is designed to provide precise control of heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. A stainless-steel sensing coil is mounted on the side of the weatherproof ABS plastic enclosure. The adjustable knob pointer allows the thermostat to be re-calibrated. This EVENTHERM TH-4-20 thermostat is resistant to moisture and gases found in corrosive agricultural buildings. The TH-4-20 will provide accurate temperature control with long life in livestock confinement buildings, greenhouses, warehouses, and industrial buildings.

Features of EVENTHERM TH-4-20 Thermostat

  • *Temperature Range: 40-104 F (+/- 4 F Differential)
  • *16 amp full load
  • *Controls up to 6 heaters

Thermostats for Poultry
TSI #Description
TH-4-20Evertherm Thermostat

Ranco ETC Thermostat Control

The Ranco ETC is a microprocessor-based family of electronic temperature controls, designed to provide on/off control for commercial heating, cooling, air conditioning and refrigeration. The ETC is equipped with a liquid crystal display (LCD) that provides a constant readout of the sensed temperature, and a touch keypad that allows the user to easily and accurately select the set point temperature, differential and heating/cooling mode of the operation. Models are available that operate on either line voltage (120/208/240 VAC) or low voltage (24VAC).

ETC-111000 Thermostat Control Features

  • Wide set-point temperature range (-30°F to 220°F) and differential adjustment (1°F to 30°F).
  • Simple keypad programming of set-point temperature, differential and cooling/heating modes.
  • LCD readout of sensor temperature, control settings, relay status and on board diagnostics.
  • Remote temperature sensing up to 400 feet.
  • SPDT output relay.
  • User-selectable Fahrenheit/Celsius scales.
  • Lockout switch to prevent tampering by unauthorized personnel.
  • Choice of line voltage and low voltage models available.
  • Optional 0 to 10 volt analog output available for remote temperature indication.

Thermostats for Poultry
TSI #Description
ETC-111000Ranco Digital Temperature Control

A19BAC-15C Single-Stage Thermostat

The single-stage A19BAC thermostat incorporates single pole double-throw switches for controlling automatic ventilation or heating in livestock barns, poultry houses, milk houses, brooder houses and other buildings. The 30 to 110°F (0 to 43°C) and 0 to 140 F (-15 to 60°C) temperature ranges permit use for many space applications.

A19BAC-15C Single-Stage Thermostat Features:

  • Liquid-filled sensing element provides uniform control at ambient temperatures not exceeding the range.
  • Dependable single-pole, double-throw snap acting contacts in dust-tight enclosure.
  • Close differential models available for critical requirements.
  • Adjustable cutout stop supplied as standard.

Thermostats for Poultry
TSI #Description
A19BAC-15CIn Line Single Pole Double Throw Thermostat

Peco TF115-001 Thermostat

Thermostats for Poultry
TSI #Description
TF115-001Nema 4X Line Volt Mechanical Thermostat